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11/28/21 – First Sunday on Advent

CLICK HERE for a PDF of the Worship Folder for 11/28/21

Preschool and Developmental Kindergarten

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COVID-19/Coronavirus –

Zion’s Response and Updates


We will continue to post Worship Videos for the immediate future for those who are unable or not ready to return to church under the current situation.  We understand the difficulties, and will continue to do our best to assist.

Please DO NOT HESITATE to contact the Church Office or Pastor Peters if you have a need or emergency – we will be checking messages and email, and will do our best to help in a safe and Godly manner.


*EFFECTIVE 5/16/21*

Zion Lutheran Church, Petoskey, is asking all participants in Worship and Events at Church to be cautious and patient – showing Christian love and kindness to one another in all things – as we make the following adjustments regarding masks and COVID-19 precautions:

1 – Wearing of masks is optional – Please be considerate and sensitive that not everyone will be in agreement on what is best for themselves and their family, and some may still feel better with a mask on for all or part of their time in the building.

2 – We will be reviewing and carefully making decisions about other COVID-19 protocols and precautions – Updates about distancing, Communion practices, pre-registration, etc. will likely be coming soon, but please continue to honor the current plans for the time being.

3 – We want all that we do to Glorify God – There is MUCH on our hearts, both Godly and sinful, brought by concerns and arguments in our society that stem from political, scientific, and emotional disagreements.  We ask that our time together focus on God’s love for the world more than our frustrations with the world or one another.

Thank you for your continued patience and perseverance!  We praise God for all of you and the shared JOY we have in our Risen and Ascended Lord, Jesus Christ!

– Pastor Peters and the Board of Elders


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